Are you bored with plain white tiles or neutral colors? Maybe you are tired of trying to make various design choices based on what your guests think might be good. The following article proves that the kitchen does not need to be conventional, even more fun if you can arrange the room the way you want. You can use design supporters to satisfy your desires in terms of color and creativity.

Applying the idea of ​​kitchen renovation needs to be planned appropriately. Not only spending a lot of time, the process of implementing the idea of ​​kitchen renovation also requires a lot of money. To avoid waste and a lot of time wasted, here are tips on how to renovate the kitchen to make it look comfortable and minimal budget

1. Geometric backsplash

If your kitchen is neutral in color and there are no other elements that stand out, backsplash can be a tip for utilizing bright, bold and attractive colors and patterns. Careful geometric design of mosaic tiles or paintings will give a simple and abstract look.

2. Use Wallpaper

A very easy way to give personality to the kitchen is to use wallpaper. Patterned wallpaper gives a more alluring look in the kitchen than ordinary paint. For patterns, try matching wallpaper patterns with nearby dining chair patterns. For the backsplash area near the stove or sink, you must protect the surface with glass or special finishing. There are waterproof and washable wallpapers, which are ideal for this room.

3. Alloy colors and patterns

Instead of your creativity having to be limited by the use of colors or patterns, isn’t it better if you can combine the two? This creative kitchen is a mixture of warm light blue behind the top cabinet and thick yellow patterned wallpaper on the backsplash. Cool, right?

4. Back-lit technique

Adding your kitchen backsplash will create a modern look and maintain a simple decoration because it emits light and beautiful shadows into the room. This trick is also right for a small kitchen space because the reflection of light will shine around the room, creating a wider space.

5. Change the Kitchen Floor

The kitchen area is visually limited by ceramics. This creates independence in integrated space, without having to make walls. And ceramics, just so you know, is a better coating for the kitchen area. This may be rarely thought of by people. But, replacing new tiles can refresh the viewer’s eyes. Especially if the tiles are glossy and have different motifs. So do not be bored setting foot there.

6. New Color for Cabinets

Changing the color of kitchen furniture can have a tremendous impact on the environment, and the best part is it’s not a time-consuming job. Sand the surface of the cupboard, clean up everything and repair the damage, and then, all you have to do is roll up your sleeves, and start painting.

7. Daily Dining Room

Your kitchen is ready and has space in the middle, but you don’t have money to buy an island? Take advantage of that space for the table and use it to eat quickly, for example for breakfast. You can also use the table as a food preparation area.

8. Arrange the equipment

A messy kitchen can also be caused by equipment clutter problems. For this one, no need to pay. Immediately set the equipment so that the kitchen is more beautiful. In addition to beautifying the kitchen, preparing cooking equipment will make cooking easier. When it’s a mess, it can confuse where to go. In addition, trinkets in the kitchen will make the cooking experience more interesting. But, of course, not trinkets that take up space. For example, cover for dispenser or funny tissue holder.