Home Renovation
After all these years, our house can look cramped and dull. This happens because some parts of the condition worsen and lack of care. Often we think of doing home renovation, but the limited cost and time become the main barrier. The many other more pressing needs eventually make us neglect home renovations. Although not done too often by many households, home renovation is still a necessity. Home renovation doesn’t need to cost money to drain the contents of savings. Follow these home renovation tips that won’t drain this budget!

1. Make careful home renovation planning

Before starting to improve the house, we must make a plan. We should not include all parts of the house that are actually in good condition. Because it can make the budget swell. You can make a list of priority home renovation that most need to be fixed. So, the renovation process can continue according to plan and not sacrifice more time.

2. Protecting the Wall During Home Renovation

Home renovations do not have to replace or change everything in the room. Home renovations intended to protect the walls alone have made it look new. Display walls are dull and blister, of course, will look not good. The first thing you can do when renovating a house is to choose the right color for wall paint. If your wall has a lot of peeling, then painting it in white as a base for decorating the next paint is a good idea. Home renovation can be done using a type of liquid coating if the condition of your wall is still good. Home renovations are of course not only about repairing, but also beautifying.

3. Updating the Door Design

It is undeniable that the first thing we see when entering a house is the door. With this in mind, you can focus on renovating the house at the entrance. If the door to your house is made of wood and has shown signs of loss, you can immediately renovate the house by adding some decoration or carvings to cover it. If your wooden door has a poor upholstery, all you have to do is replace it. Then do maintenance and cleaning when renovating the house so that the door is more durable. To prevent weathering back, you can renovate the house by coating your wooden door using an oil-based varnish. But if your door is made of metal, you can clean the rust with products that contain oxalic acid.

4. Rearrange Lighting

Before doing a house renovation, first check whether your home lights are the problem. How come? Poor and improper lighting can certainly make your house unsightly. So before renovating another part of the house, just replace the dimmed lights with new ones. You can even place LED lights under your favorite furniture as part of home renovations. Besides being more elegant, the lights also do not cause glare. During the day, make sure the intensity of sunlight is enough to enter your house. So that the house is healthier, does not look dim, also maintains the level of humidity. Ensuring this also means saving on home renovation costs later.

5. Plants to Revive Your Home

One important goal of home renovation is to make the house look more alive. Often houses look bleak not because of obsolete furniture or interior design, but because of the lack of greenery. If your home problem is also like that, renovation of the house needed is the addition of plants, both in the corner or on the table.

6. Keep the Home Remodeling Process Clean

Renovation of the house as good as any will not last long if the occupants are not good at keeping the house clean. Maintaining cleanliness may be the easiest compared to home renovations, but often the most neglected. So, clean the house regularly. Not only the floor and walls, but also all the furniture in the house. Make sure there is no dust left between the furniture and other objects. Your house certainly looks beautiful, healthy, and feels comfortable for a longer period of time without the need to renovate the house in the near future!

7. Use recycled or discounted materials for home renovation

To reduce costs, it never hurts to check the contents of your home warehouse again. Not infrequently we find goods or raw materials that actually can still be used but because it’s been stored too long so it is not used. You can also find discount ceramics. Typically, ceramic shops will sell old stock ceramics at a substantial discount.